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Leader in industrial engineering

The company was registered in 2005 and formed from the employees of the Maintenance Department and the Technology Department of the liquidated American Pharmaceutical Company with the profile of sterile Baxter ltd.

The company Pharmaseal specializes in the assembly, production of complete technological installations from simple tanks, agitators through technologically advanced reactors, stainless steel mixers.
We accompany our clients in all stages of implementation from the project phase through assembly and commissioning of comprehensive technological lines using GMP principles, and in specialist projects using full validation of DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ.

We provide equipment and technological lines for Ex-Ex zone. We make elements from pure titanium (reconstructions of implants)
Regardless of where we work, we always maintain the highest standard of work, focusing on safety.

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Range of activities
  • equipment and installation designs,
  • production and service of machinery and equipment for bottling, packing, tableting, sacheting,
  • Electropolishing of acid-resistant steel (exchangers, tanks, complicated shapes of machines) dimensions of 3 x 3.5 meters, Ra value 0,3μm.
  • filter housings made of austenitic steel.
  • production of filters for filtration of air, water and oil substances from 0,1 μm to 30 μm,
  • assembly and commissioning works of installations made of stainless steel, stainless steel, Orbital TIG method,
  • assembly works of installations made of carbon steel, plastics (PP, PE) and other materials,
  • connections of metals with high hardness of 70 HRC with elements of reduced hardness,
  • conveyors and conveyors: construction, assembly and adaptation to technological lines,
  • supervision of air filtration in sterile zones, supply of Hepa filters,
  • platforms and bodies of stainless steel,
  • delivery of specialized seals and plastic materials. Materials such as: Ketron, KEKP PEEK, Teflon PTFE, DARTLON (SPECIAL USES IN THE COSMIC INDUSTRY ON THE STABILITY OF PROPERTIES OF CHEMICAL AND MECHANICAL PHYSICS),
  • plant construction and relocation of entire lines and technological equipment, utilities installations: steam, condensate, air, transform and energy stations,
  • start-up, commissioning and service of autoclaves for sterilization, pasteurization, vulcanization,
  • automation of technological lines and machines based on Siemens S7300, Gefanuc,
  • installation and service of Reverse Osmosis Station,
  • construction of tanks and reactors made of electropolished stainless steel,
  • pumping and tubing systems, tanks for alcohol transmission with Ex approval,
  • LPG, propane, nitrogen, hypochlorite with Ex approval,
  • ammonia installations, removal of moisture from ammonia,
  • supporting structures, platforms, stairs, stainless steel balustrades,
  • we perform a service of endoscopic examination of welds,
  • recently we have been providing a service for the military and medical industry: service rooms, operating rooms, air filtration, maintenance of operating tables, service of dental apparatus, clean room inspections,
  • construction of operating theaters, areas for the production of medicines.

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We have launched our own production of medicines and natural cosmetics. We have developed our own products for the needs of our clients. The products meet all rigorous production regimes. More details are available at www.silnatura.pl