Clean room

Clean room

Our company builds and launches clean rooms called Clean Room.
The rooms are built with controlled environmental parameters, in particular pollutants such as dust, dust, bacteria, chemical fumes.
Our clean rooms are used for scientific research, as well as for production using high purity materials: computer processors, drug production, medical devices production, operating and treatment rooms, or production of components for aviation industry (our company produces micro filters for military aircraft).
The walls and ceilings are made in SUPRA Cleanpharma technology. The applied coatings are fully aseptic and resistant to bacteria, we are the first to introduce silver ions into the coating.
The walls can also be constructed of high quality austenitic steel, especially recommended technology in transplantation rooms.

Customized clean room can be very large, much larger than the title room – in some cases it can be a whole hall or even the majority of the factory (with a floor area of ​​thousands of meters). Such rooms are commonly used in the production of precision elements of biotechnology.

The air is forced into the clean room through a special filter system that eliminates further impurities. All the indoor air is constantly filtered through the Hepa filter set to remove internal contamination. Workers entering and leaving the room must do so through a sluice fitted with an air shower. Inside the clean room, they must always be dressed in special protective suits, face masks, footwear, etc.

Special project

Devices inside the clean room must be specially designed so that they do not generate additional pollution.