New technologies

New technologies

We improve the condition, save lives

In new technologies, we would like to present you devices that save human life and improve the condition of the body.
One of them is a designed and made device called HIPOTERMIA No CD2014 to save human life after a sudden cardiac arrest.
The set consists of a device for microprocessor-controlled cooling and heating of the human body in the temperature range from 36.6 to 33 Degrees Celsius. The measurement control system protects the central nervous system.
In the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, many patients are in a vegetative state and even never return to full mobility or psychomotor function. Application HIPOTERMIA device is to prevent this very serious case.

During the cooling process, thermographic monitoring is carried out.


The use of this type of device is valid in the guidelines of the American Society of Cardiology.

Due to the fact that hypothermia significantly slows metabolism, it has been used in medicine. Controlled hypothermia allows you to perform operations such as heart transplants. Lowering the body temperature to 32-34 ° C for 12-24 hours is used in the case of cardiac arrest. It increases patients’ survival and improves their neurological status. Such therapy is increasingly used in hospital emergency departments and in intensive care units.